Aug 1, 2013

Caldera Brewing Mogli

I’ve had a couple of Caldera Brewing products in the past (their IPA and Pale Ale mostly), but when I saw this bottle of their Mogli, it wasn’t the brewery’s reputation or the method with which this beer was crafted that caused me to pick it up. It’s the story behind it that pulled at my heart strings. As any long time pet owner has encountered, the loss of a pet can be rough. Caldera Brewing decided to name this 8.5% imperial porter in honor of a lost friend.

Mogli is brewed with a variety of malts, Belgian candi sugar and chocolate before eventually resting on bourbon-soaked oak spirals for an undisclosed amount of time. The result is a beer that had depth of flavor and a chocolate richness without the over-the-top sweetness often associated with beers of this style.


Caldera Mogli pours with a creamy, light tan head that rests atop the dark, cola brown brew.


There’s definitely some chocolate in this beer as it hits the olfactory senses first followed by a solid roast malt presence. Hints of coffee and vanilla are also there, but I don’t pick up much of a woody or bourbon note.


This beer is rich and chocolatey through and through but isn’t overly sweet — it’s got a more of an earthy chocolate character. Coffee, vanilla and a touch of wood all mingle softly in the background. There’s a good amount of hop bitterness (55 IBU) late in the gently warming finish. Mogli is full bodied and smooth on the tongue. Despite it’s alcohol level, the brew is dangerously drinkable.


I really liked this beer. I found it to be more dynamic than the other products I’ve had from Caldera. And while I wish there was more of a bourbony presence to Mogli, I still found the overall flavor of the brew to be outstanding.

Rating: 4/5

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