Aug 9, 2013

Devils Backbone Turbo Cougar

I first received a six pack of Devils Backbone Turbo Cougar as part of a birthday beer pack from my wife back in early July. The 6.5% ABV Helles Bock didn’t last long enough for me to even think about getting an “official” review of it completed for the site. The second six pack I bought the day after the first was completed last just long enough for me to take a few notes.

I’m a big fan of the brewery’s Vienna Lager so I was excited to check out another of their lagers. Turbo Cougar is a darn tasty beer. It’s not quite as flavorful as the Vienna Lager, but it’s flavor profile may be more refreshing. Which would probably explain why it hasn’t lasted more than a couple of days in the household after purchase.


Turbo Cougar pours golden in color with a smallish white cap of foam that dropped smoothly to a full ring.


Grain, light bready malt and subtle stone fruit in the background combine for an inviting aroma.


I love the malt character of this beer. Biscuity and bready with just a touch of sweetness, Turbo Cougar drinks smoothly. Light fruit and grain accompany the malt as the medium bodied brew travels to a softly warming finish that has a semi-drying character.


I don’t think I’ve run into a beer from Devils Backbone that I haven’t liked and Turbo Cougar can certainly be added to that list. It’s a little lighter than the Vienna Lager and drinks a bit smoother which makes for a refreshing experience on a hot Summer weekend.

Rating: 3.75/5

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