Mar 12, 2013

Evolution Brewing Secret Spot

I’m playing a bit of catch-up this week as I finally get caught up on some brews I enjoyed early last month. I don’t know whether it’s a sign of a problem or smarts on my part for having a backlog of reviews from which to pull new posts.

At any rate, today’s review is of Evolution Craft Brewing’s Secret Spot. This 6.3% ABV altbier may come across more as an amber ale than a traditional alt, but it’s still quite tasty. A solid bit of hop character accompanies grains and a lightly toasted malt profile for a well balanced and accessible beer.


Secret Spot pours a surprisingly orangish amber in color (not quite as orange as the overblown photo above, but still orange) with a small amount of haze. The thin cap of white foam dropped quickly to a sparse ring around the surface.


The beer has a fairly subdued nose with hints of caramel, light bready notes and a soft, citrusy hop presence.


There’s a much more pronounced hop character once the beer hits your lips. Hints of grapefruit, distant orange and a touch of pine arrive overtop of the backbone of caramel and grains. It’s definitely much more flavorful than the nose hinted at. It’s quite drinkable and refreshing.


Like I stated earlier, after the first couple of sips, this beer comes across more as a amber ale more so than an altbier — it’s a bit too hoppy for this style. Regardless, it’s still a tasty little brew that should treat you just right on a cold Winter’s night.

Rating: 3/5

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