Nov 15, 2013

Petrus Oud Bruin

Petrus is a name that I’ve been familiar with for several years now, but only when speaking of their Gouden Tripel, which is an excellent brew. It’s only been recently as sours have gained more popularity in the U.S. that the name has begun to mean something different for me. Brouwerij Bavik, the brewery that owns the Petrus brand, and their Aged Pale Ale have met on a few occasions recently at Mekong in Richmond. The beer is excellent out of the keg — the bottle review is coming next week.

Seeing as how much I enjoyed thee Aged Pale Ale, it only made sense for me to grab a bottle of the company’s Oud Bruin, a 5.5% ABV Flanders Oud Bruin that uses the Aged Pale Ale as part of it’s blend. And while this beer is tasty, it doesn’t quite live up to the one that forms its base.


Oud Bruin pours a dark brown in color with a creamy, dense cap of light tan foam.

Petrus Oud Bruin photo


A moderate sourness fills the nose with hints of dark fruits, wood, vanilla and yeast. It definitely smells the part.


The initial burst of sourness is moderate in terms of its aggressiveness and quickly fades to a lingering tingle that lasts a good long while. Hints of raisin, wood and caramel persist throughout. It’s got a light measure of sweetness on the back end, but is otherwise a fairly tame beer. The lighter body was surprising consider it’s murky appearance.


The Petrus Oud Bruin is a pretty tasty little beer. I much prefer the Aged Pale Ale, but as it stands, this is a decent enough brew. I’d gladly pick up another bottle or two in the future if I run across it again, that is.

Rating: 3.5/5

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