May 10, 2013

Slumbrew Porter Square Porter

Earlier this week I posted a review of Slumbrew’s Happy Sol. That particular beer brought just a bit too much spice to the table for my palate. This 6.5% ABV porter brewed with cocoa powder and cacao nibs, however, had just the right amount of everything to thoroughly please my tastebuds.

With the amount of chocolate influence that this beer could have carried, it’s not overly done. It’s well crafted, smooth and balanced with a level of cocoa that makes for a rich brew and goes well with the porter’s otherwise earthy character.


Porter Square Porter pours with a slowly dropping stack of light brown foam and is near black in color.


There is a pile of chocolate/cocoa in the beer’s aroma with a decent amount of roast malt and coffee notes in the background. As the beer warms, a bit of licorice also shows through a touch.


For as strong as the cocoa and chocolate presence is within the aroma, it’s toned down a good deal when the beer finally hits the lips. There’s certainly a chocolaty character to the beer, but it serves to accentuate the porter instead of dominate it, brining a natural, earthy flavor to the brew. Coffe and roast malt step up to come to the forefront and stick around to the slightly drying finish. There’s a light roastiness in the mix, as well. I’d like it to be a bit fuller on the palate.


I wasn’t a hug fan of the brewery’s Happy Sol, but this porter more than made up for any misgivings my first experience with the company may have had. This beer has an excellent balance between earthiness, roastiness and the chocolate. It drinks smooth and will definitely be one I look forward to trying again several times over.

Rating: 4/5

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