Jan 7, 2013

Sweetwater Brewing The Gimp

Due to a two-day company off-site for my day job and a lack of proper planning on my part, last week ended rather quietly on the site. Well, to make up for it I have not one, but two reviews for some excellent brews out of Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewing.

First up is 10.3% ABV old ale lovingly named The Gimp. Have no fear, however, as you won’t need a full leather bondage suit, ball gag or a dark, dank closet in which to contain this brew. Well, you may need the closet if you plan on setting this one down for a little while (which the brewery actually recommends). In the meantime, The Gimp is the latest release from the company’s Dank Tank series and it’s packed with plenty of malty, caramel goodness. Warming and smooth drinking, the beer also delivers a low level of hop character that balances everything out nicely.


The Gimp pours with an off-white head that drops slowly over the deep mahogany colored brew to patchy surface cover.


This beer smells great with a semi-sweet character that includes caramel, toffee, a distant alcohol presence and a subtle fruit note (figs and raisin).


The dark malt, caramel and fruits are all there from start to finish along with a pleasant blast of citrus hops that bring a moderate level of bitterness to the table. This medium bodied brew is nicely balanced between malt sweetness and the lingering hop tingle that hangs around for a bit in the warming, slightly boozy finish. The beer also has a rather viscous mouthfeel which, when combined with the higher ABV, let’s you know you should probably take your time with it.


Delightfully hoppy and warming, this Gimp is one leather-clad individual that you may very well want to snuggle up with on a cold Winter evening. It’s a well balanced brew with a good flavor that should prove to develop with a little maturation in the cellar.

Rating: 4/5

This is a review of a promotional sample from the brewery.

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