Aug 11, 2014

Alewerks Twenty Knots

I’ve have quite a few of Alewerks Brewing Company’s products the past couple of years, but not one was Belgian influenced. That all changed when a spied a bottle of their Twenty Knots on shelves back in May of this year. Names for the schooner “Atlantic” — which apparently hit 20 knots during sea trials in 1903 — Tenty Knots is a 10% ABV Belgian-style Tripel.

The company has been producing some excellent beers as of late. Their seasonal Bitter Valentine is always a favorite and barrel-aged porters and stouts are just as impressive. Belgian brews, however, are a different beast. I’ve run across more examples of poorly crafter Belgian style beer made by American brewers than I care to remember.

That said, Alewerks have got themselves a faithful example of the style in Twenty Knots. It’s not going to topple the originators of the style from the top of the hill, but the beer is wonderfully balanced, appropriately warming and just a delight to drink.


Pouring a rich, golden amber in color, the beer sits proudly with a short-lived cap of off-white foam.

Alewerks Twenty Knots photo


Yeast, fruits, light sugary sweetness, distant spices, smooth grain and light bready notes fill the nose effortlessly. For such a big brew, alcohol-wise, there isn’t much of a presence on the nose.


A smooth array of fruity yeast, herbal notes, distant spices, grain and lightly toasted bread cover the palate along with a touch of sweetness. The beer hos focus and tastes more traditional than many U.S. crafter beers of this style. The finish is drying with a good bit of alcohol warmth and lingering yeast notes fade slowly.


Twenty Knots is a solid offering of a beer. It’s got a more traditional take on the style — it’s not too boozy or overly hopped — and drinks with an excellent balance of flavors. It’s just about spot-on for the style. I will certainly pick up more of this one in the future.

Rating: 4/5

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