Sep 11, 2014

Blue Mountain Evil 8° Belgian Dubbel

I’ve had many Belgian-inspired Dubbels throughout the years. Some have been good. Some not so much. But this is the firs that I’ve encountered that drinks almost like a porter. Blue Mountain Brewing’s Evil 8° is a unique interpretation of the style that carries a bit of a porterish sensibility.

Your typical flavors for the style are present as burnt caramel, candi sugar and yeast all persist. Amongst them, however, is a decent little roasty character, hints of cocoa and a yeast flavor that is unique to say the least. It’s not a strange beer by any means, but certainly one that separates itself from the crowd of American-made Dubbels.

Blue Mountain Evil 8° Belgian Dubbel photo


Evil 8° pours an extremely dark brown in color with a chestnut hure. A slowly dropping head of light brown foam settles as a thin ring around the edge.


Yeast, burnt caramel, pepper, light coffee notes, hints of grassy hops and a touch of cocoa fill the nose.


This is definitely a unique double as yeast, honey, coffee, burnt caramel, a distant roast, light fruits, a peppery rye-like character and bready malts all come together smoothly. The brew is pretty full bodied and, at 7.7% ABV, fairly warming. It’s fullness and roasty traits give it a porter-like character. Hints of cocoa lingers in the background.


Evil 8° Belgian Dubbel is an interesting beer. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this brew to tell you the truth. I like it, but I think I may like its strangeness more than anything else. The roast, coffee, cocoa and yeast profile give it an overall flavor that is very much unlike other beers in the same style. It’s quite unique. I believe I’m going to have to pick up some more to verify.

Rating: 3.5/5

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