Mar 24, 2014

Hardywood Singel

I’m not sure when exactly I first had Hardywood Parks tasty Belgian-style pale ale, Singel, but I know it was at the brewery back in July of 2012. And I recall thoroughly loving it. It wasn’t until just earlier this year, however that I would be able to enjoy it again — and in bottles no less!

As one of Virginia’s better Belgian-style beers that I’ve had in recent years, Singel has been in my fridge quite often since it was finally sent up to the northern end of the state. The brew has got a great character with fruity esters, a peppery yeast character, spicy hop presence and smoothness that makes for on heck of an enjoyable brew.


Singel pours an ever-so-slightly hazy pale straw in color with a rocky crown of white foam.

Hardywood Singel photo


Light, peppery yeast, clove, soft banana, pineapple, hints of grapefruit and grain come together for one heck of an aroma. This is one of those beers that just smells amazing.


The spicy yeast, banana and clove lead the way as distant citrus notes linger gently with a moderate malt sweetness. The spice notes and banana aren’t too forward in their presentation, offering up a compliment to the fruity citrus notes and yeast. An initial burst of mild hop bitterness fades quickly to a drying, lingering finish. Singel is light bodied with a mellow mouthfeel.


Light, refreshing, lively and just downright tasty, Singel has become a household favorite. It’s obviously note as dynamic as come of the beers the company offers, but it’s also one that I have consistently be pleased with each and every time I crack open a bottle.

Rating: 4/5

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