Dec 18, 2014

Heavy Seas Holy Sheet 2014

I originally had Heavy Seas (Clipper City) Holy Sheet back in the Spring of 2007. I’m not sure if the brewing/aging process for the beer has changed or if this particular bottle for 2014 is a one-off, but this is not the same beer I first encountered those many years ago.

It appears as though, now, the brew takes a little nap in retired brandy barrels for a bit of time prior to hitting the shelves. Obviously, this influence makes a world of difference in the beer I once knew — an it’s for the positive. The brandy certainly stands out amongst the yeast, dark fruits and spices that this Belgian-style strong ale brings to the table. Holy Sheet is definitely a beer that you want to enjoy slowly and one, perhaps, that could use a little more time in the cellar to fully come together.


A short-lived cap of caramel foam sat briefly atop the rich, burgundy colored brew.

Heavy Seas Holy Sheet 2014 photo


Woody notes, yeast, dark fruits (raisin), hint of banana, caramel and bready malts lead the way while a touch of brandy lingers in the background.


The brandy influence is much stronger on the tongue as yeast, wood and a solid amount of alcohol (9% ABV) dominate the flavor. A high level of sweetness presents itself with dark fruits before fading slowly in the warming finish. The brew is big and perhaps a bit too sweet. It’s medium-to-full body and warming nature make it a beer to be reckoned with.


I love the effect that the brandy has on this beer. It’s a great addition, but this beer is a bit too young right now. It’s hot, boozy and a bit muddled. A year or three in the cellar would do this beer some good — give it a chance to mellow and mature, allowing the flavors to congeal. I do believe I’m going to have to pick up a couple more bottles to do just that.

Rating: 3.75/5

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