Oct 15, 2014

Hops & Grain Brewery Debuts PorterCulture

Press Release

Hops and Grain PorterCulter can

(Austin, Texas) – Austin-based Hops & Grain Brewery is adding a fifth can to its permanent lineup, a Baltic style porter aptly named PorterCulture, which will join its predecessors Pale Dog, The One They Call Zoe, Greenhouse IPA and the award-winning, ALT-eration. Brewed with Austin’s absence of a true winter in mind, PorterCulture is the answer to the Hops & Grain team’s yearning for a dark but drinkable beer that can be enjoyed in the dead of winter, as well as the sweltering heat of summer.

A base of Pilsner and Munich malts, blended with de-husked black malt and chocolate wheat lends the PorterCulture a smooth mouthfeel, with a clean and crisp lager finish. Throughout the porter, notes of coffee, dark chocolate, graham crackers and just a wee hint of roast make itself known. Wanting to highlight the malts, the hops were kept at bay with only a hint of bitterness at the early stages, with raisin and caramel flavors joining the party at the end. The avid outdoorsmen (and woman) of Hops & Grain find that PorterCulture is just the perfect, decorous touch to Austin’s nature-friendly living, whether it be a spirited game of disc golf, a nice hike or a mountain bike ride, this beer is the perfect companion!

Hops & Grain owner, Josh Hare, is thrilled to launch the brewery’s fifth permanent brew to Texas, and is already scheming about barrel-aging and other projects in the Greenhouse, Hops & Grain’s 3 bbl pilot system where experimentation is encouraged.

“This was a long time coming. It’s always exciting for us to see one of our small-batch, tap room creations grow into a full blown, year-round adult, and PorterCulture is no exception. We’re really looking forward to the wonderful projects that will soon come from our barrel-aging program using PorterCulture as the base.”

Hops & Grain’s PorterCulture will launch at the brewery and select restaurants, bars and retailers throughout Texas beginning mid-next week.

Style- Baltic-style Porter
ABV- 6.56%
SRM- 30
Original Gravity- 15.5 degrees Plato
Final Gravity- 3.5 degrees Plato

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