Jun 18, 2014

Lost Rhino 2200 Lbs of Sin

Lost Rhino’s 2200 Lbs of Sin is billed as an English-style barleywine, but at 9.2% ABV and a whopping 96 IBU, this beer definitely presents itself like an example of the American variety. If it weren’t for the biting hop bitterness, the overall subtle nature of this beer would fit the English style just fine. The hop presence however pushes it firmly into the American Barleywine realm.

I’ve enjoyed many of the brewery’s seasonal offerings (RhinO’fest and Rhinoel) and they have all been enjoyable. 2200 Lbs of Sin is good, but it feels a bit confused like it’s not sure in which realm it wants to live.

Lost Rhino 2200 Lbs of Sin photo


Bottle 160 of 672 poured slightly syrupy and a dark, rusty copper in color with just a thin ring of foam around the glass.


Bready malt, caramel, a touch of honey and alcohol present themselves in this otherwise relatively subtle aroma.


The beer’s flavor is still sort of muted, but there are traces of caramel, honey, a moderate sweetness, distant pine and a herbal, peppery hop character. The hop bitterness is every bit of the 96 IBUs stated on the bottle as the bite fades through to a relatively warming, drying finish.


2200 Lbs of Sin isn’t a bad beer, just a confused one. It’s got a relatively soft-spoken demeanor, flavor-wise and is packed with a solid hop bitterness. It’s almost like an American Strong Ale or even an Imperial IPA in terms of the hop character. I might have to pick up another one the next time I see it and let it sit for a bit, allowing the hop presence to fade a touch — maybe then it will come into its own.

Rating: 3.25/5

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