Nov 4, 2014

Sierra Nevada Electric Ray

I’ve never really understood the whole India Pale Lager thing the past couple of years, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying a few examples of the trend. Sierra Nevada’s collaboration with Ballast Point Brewing for their Beercamp Across America product certainly is no exception. Electric Ray is an imperial version of the style (an IIPL?) that weighs in at 8.5% ABV and a hefty 70 IBU.

Driven by a solid lager backbone with cereal and grain notes, Electric Ray also packs a punch with a herbaceous, floral hop presence. Pine, citrus and a leafy character fill the nose and mouth with plenty of hop goodness all the while playing nice with the malt base. The bite is much more assertive than your typical lager, but not so much that it’s palate wrecking, which makes for a decidedly drinkable and refreshing brew.


The beer pours golden amber in color with a resilient cap of pillowy, off-white foam.

Sierra Nevada Electric Ray photo


Pine, resin, grapefruit, cereal, grass/leafy hops and light caramel fill the nose smoothly.


This is definitely one hoppy lager. Herbal, floral hop traits accompany light citrus, grain, toast, honey and a hint of caramel as the beer washes over the tongue. Due to the herbal nature of the hop presence and the lightly warming alcohol, the beer does take on a twinge of a medicinal quality. It’s a medium bodied brew with a slight viscosity as a moderate bit of malt sweetness lingers gently in the lasting finish.


All in all, Electric Ray was an enjoyable brew. It’s not the most balanced brew I’ve had, but the smooth lager base wasn’t overwhelmed by the assertive hop character. And for 70 IBU the bite isn’t too gripping on the tongue. This was probably one of my favorites from the twelve pack thus far.

Rating: 3.75/5

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