Oct 27, 2014

Sierra Nevada Yonder Bock

Yonder Bock is the fourth brew from Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America collaboration variety pack. This 7.7% ABV (45 IBU) Maibock was created in a joint effort with Cigar City Brewing. If you are at all familiar with the Florida company’s products then the “Tropical Miabock” on the can’s artwork will come at no surprise.

Now, this brew does have a much different flavor profile than you traditional example of the style, but it’s not nearly as “fruity” as I imagined. Yes, the aroma is packed with tropical fruits, but once the beer hits the tongue the maibock base shows through solidly.


Yonder Bock pours with a frothy head of beige foam that dropped slowly atop the brilliant, amber brew.

Sierra Nevada Yonder Bock photo


Caramel, light malt sweetness, grains and a slew of tropical fruit — mango, orange, pineapple — fill the nose smoothly.


While there was a ton of fruit on the nose, it’s a bit more set back here on the tongue. The tropical influence is present, but not so much that it overwhelms the bready malt, toast, caramel and moderate sweetness. All together, the flavors are incredibly smooth and flow nicely to a hint of warmth within the lasting finish.


Yonder Bock is certainly one of the more unique bock-style beers I’ve ever encountered. Of the few that I’ve enjoyed from the mixed twelve pack, this one is surprisingly my favorite — for now.

Rating: 3.75/5

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