Jan 7, 2014

Sly Fox Incubus

Last Friday I reviewed the Sly Fox’s Saison Vos. That tasty little saison was a solid introduction to the brewery, but it wasn’t the only beer I purchased from the company at the time. I also picked up Ichor (a quadruple) and this Belgian-style tripel, Incubus. I figured starting with the saison and working my way toward the much larger flavored Ichor was the way to go, which ultimately brings us to the 10.3% ABV Incubus.

Now, I’ve had mixed experiences with American-crafted tripel style brews. For the most part, a majority of them miss the mark. Some are good. Fewer are stellar, matching the authenticity and refinement of many of Belgium’s premiere breweries. Sly Fox’s Incubus is a tasty brew with good flavors, but it, like many of it’s U.S. peers doesn’t quite stack up to my favorites from across the Atlantic.


Incubus pours golden in color with a massive stack of tawny foam that showcased a solid resiliency.

Sly Fox Incubus photo


The nose is fairly straightforward with a blend of grain, light yeast, soft fruits, spices, white pepper, light caramel and a tingle of distant alcohol. If anything it’s a little heavy on the spice notes.


The one thing that I must say that this beer does not do that many of the American made ones fall victim to is the over-the-top sweetness. Incubus has a light malt sweetness, but it’s at an appropriate level as grain, fruits, peppery yeast and clove arrive with a wash of alcohol warmth. The beer is lightly carbonated with a medium body and semi-dry finish.


I enjoyed this bottle of Incubus. It’s a solid take on a style that many breweries just don’t get all that right. It’s got decent flavor with perhaps too much spice and a bit too much alcohol heat, but in the end, I was pleased to have tried it out.

Rating: 3.75/5

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