Sep 9, 2014

Three Brothers Rum Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel

My first introduction to this Harrisonburg, VA brewery was with their every-changing Hoptimization. What better way to make a second introduction with something on the opposite spectrum of the beer style map? Three Brothers Rum Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel (bottle 224 our of 2000) served to do just that.

At 10% ABV, this brew is not small by any means both in terms of alcohol and flavor. I haven’t had the company’s standard Belgian-style dubbel, but it makes an excellent base for this barrel-aged variety. The sweet, fruity malt and yeast mingle with light rum notes and a smooth woody character to create a beer that is impeccably tasty. It’s easy to see why the brew won bronze at last year’s Great American Beer Festival in the “Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer” category.

Three Brothers Rum Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel photo


Pouring a deep chestnut in color, the beer sits with a dense cap of beige foam that fell to a full ring around the surface.


Peppery yeast, dark fruits, a hint of banana, smooth rum, woody notes, caramel and bready malt combine for a clean, layered aroma.


This is a dangerously smooth dubbel. Rich malt and caramel accompany lightly peppery yeast, a low-to-moderate rum flavor, dar fruits and a lingering woody character. A touch of malt sweetness clings to the lips as a decent bit of warmth spreads with the finish. Rum Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel is a rich and flavorful beer.


I’m not a big rum drinker — it’s just never been a favorite spirit of mine. So the lower levels of its flavor within the dark depths of this Three Brothers’ brew is just about perfect for my own personal tastes. The barrel influence proves to accentuate the flavors of the base dubbel instead of attempting to steal the spotlight like many wood-aged beers. I will hopefully be picking up more of this brew for the long Winter months ahead.

Rating: 4.25/5

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