Jan 8, 2015

Abita Bourbon Street Imperial Stout

Abita products have been available in my area for a long time and I’ve enjoyed many of them through the years, but nothing the company has produced has wowed me — they’ve always been sort of middle-of-the-road in terms of flavor. With that in mind, I was a bit skeptical about a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout from the company when I first spied it on shelves. The price was right on it, however, and I took a chance. I’m glad I did.

Bourbon Street Imperial Stout is, hands down, the best Abita beer I’ve encountered in my drinking escapades. And that includes enjoying their products fresh on a Bourbon Street balcony many years ago. This 10% ABV imperial stout is incredibly smooth as its flavors play well with one another and never overpower the rest.


This big stout pours opaque and nearly black in color with a rocky stack of light brown foam.

Abita Bourbon Street Imperial Stout photo


Smooth bourbony notes waft off the surface with oats, light wood, coffee, a touch of anise, cocoa and a moderate roastiness.


The brew may have only spent eight weeks in the bourbon barrels, but it’s picked up plenty of influence from them. The bourbony traits are definitely apparent throughout the life of the beer. It’s potent and yet, not overpowering. The addition of the oats, however, really make this beer stand out. The velvety smooth body and fullness carry a decent roast, the bourbon, woody notes, vanilla, anise, cocoa and coffee effortlessly over the tongue. This is a delicious brew with a moderate sweetness and comforting warmth in the drying finish.


This beer both surprised and impressed. I wasn’t expecting a beer as complete or as smooth as Abita’s Bourbon Street Imperial Stout. The company certainly has themselves a treat of a beer with this one.

Rating: 4/5

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