Oct 22, 2015

AleSmith Grand Cru

And so, the AleSmith review train keeps on rolling. Thanks for suffering through my binge of their products — only two more to go after this one.

After thoroughly enjoying the company’s Horny Devil, I figured that their Grand Cru would only be that much better. I do love a Belgian style strong dark ale, and at a hefty 10% ABV, this big beer is just that. Grand Cru, however, doesn’t quite pack the fullness and richness of other examples of the style. It’s got all the dark fruit and yeast you could want, but it’s not quite there.


A short-lived cap of beige foam drops quickly and noisily atop the burnt caramel colored brew.

AleSmith Grand Cru photo


Raisin, fig, yeast, soft caramel and a touch of sweetness mingle cleanly. There’s not much of a boozy presence here.


All that yeast, raisin/fig and caramel mix with a moderate level of sweetness. The elevated alcohol is present from the start, leaving a light glow in the chest. It’s a bit on the thin side in terms of body. The finish is lasting and lightly drying.


All in all AleSmith Grand Cru is a solid beer, but it’s not nearly as well rounded as their Horny Devil. It’s a bit thin on the tongue and doesn’t quite have that dynamic richness that some of its peers pack into their own 750ml cork and caged bottles. That all said, Grand Cru is still a pretty darn tasty beer. I’ll be picking up a couple of bottles with the sole purpose of cellaring — perhaps a little mellowing time will help it all come together.

Rating: 3.5/5

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