Feb 2, 2015

Devils Backbone Wood Aged Kilt Flasher

I don’t honestly recall if I’ve had Devils Backbone baseline Kilt Flasher in the past. I know that I’ve never reviewed it on the site, but can’t definitively say whether I’ve encountered as of yet. That, however, didn’t stop me from picking up a bottle of their Wood Aged Kilt Flasher — it just means I can’t compare the two.

This 8% ABV Wee Heavy or Scotch Ale, if you prefer, is simply the brewery’s standard version of the beer that’s been aged on wood from Culpeper’s Belmont Farms distillery. The result is a beer with just a hint of whiskey to go along with a rich, earthy malt backbone. It’s an ideal brew to keep you warm over the Winter months.


The beige head drops slowly to a sparse ring around the surface of the dark garnet brew.

Devils Backbone Wood Aged Kilt Flasher photo


Caramel, woody notes, distant spices, soft whiskey, earthy malt and a touch of alcohol combine smoothly.


Wood Aged Kilt Flasher is an intriguing beer. It’s layered with all sorts of tasty goodness, but also presents itself in a fairly no-nonsense fashion. Carmel, a touch of rye maybe, some peatiness, a moderate sweetness, hints of whiskey, wood and a glowing warmth all come together in a fairly balanced brew. The medium body fades gently through the lasting finish.


I’m pretty sure that I’d be ready to lift a small car, let alone the caber pole illustrated on the bottle’s artwork, after enjoying a bottle of Wood Aged Kilt Flasher. it’s appropriately warming for the style with just enough of a wood and whiskey influence to keep everything interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the solid malt backbone and down-to-earth nature of this beer.

Rating: 4/5

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