Feb 24, 2015

DuClaw Brewing Devil’s Due

Folks, what we’ve got here with Devil’s Due is a blend of two other DuClaw Brewing products. I’m not sure of how much of which product, percentage-wise, is present, but this 11% ABV brew is comprised of the company’s Devil’s Milk and Retribution.

The former is a pretty decent, if somewhat tame barleywine. The latter, is a tasty bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. It only makes sense, then, that Devil’s Due falls somewhere in the middle between the two in terms of flavor.

The brewery labels this as a “bourbon barrel stout,” but with the additional barleywine influence, that’s a bit misleading and, like the beer itself, a bit confused. The bourbony and wood influence of Retribution tends to stand out a bit more, but there is a distinct barleywine-like character to this big brew that shows through every now and again. I can see where the company was going with this concept, but I’m not totally sold on the flavor combination.


Devil’s Due pours opaque black in color with a thin cap of beige foam.

DuClaw Brewing Devil's Due photo


Bourbon, wood, soft cocoa, a light char, roast coffee, caramel and alcohol all waft from the surface.


This is certainly a big and boozy beer that’s got a solid amount of bourbon to accompany wood, a light char, caramel, molasses, anise and cocoa notes. The brew is full bodied and viscous as it slowly fades through a warming finish.


DuClaw Brewing Devil’s Due is an interesting beer that is trying to be complex, but doesn’t quite meld as well as it probably should. This particular bottle was was packaged 12/08/2014 and enjoyed just a month and a half or so from that date — so it’s still a bit on the young side. I’ve got a couple of extra bottles left over from this purchase that I am going to let sit for a bit. I have a feeling that with some age will come maturity and a better blending of flavors.

Rating: 3.75/5

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