Oct 13, 2015

Green Flash Natura Morta Plum

When I think Green Flash, the first image in my head is not of wine barrels or saisons — my mind is filled with visions of hop mountains. From their prototypical West Coast IPA to a BarleyBlog HQ favorite, Hop Head Red, the pungent flower abounds. So when I saw this bottle of Natura Morta Plum, from the company’s Cellar 3 series of beers, I was initially confused… and then intrigued.

This 5.5% ABV brew starts life off as a Belgian-style Saison fermented in foudres with Brettanomyces. The beer is then aged in red wine barrels with plum puree for half a year. Ay just 14 IBU, Natura Morta is the complete opposite of what I’ve come to expect from this company. And yet…


Natura Morta Plum pours with a rocky year of white foam that falls quickly atop the hazy, pinkish-peach brew.

Green Flash Natura Morta Plum photo


Distant plum, yeast and a soft tartness fill the nose with this fruity and inviting aroma.


I really don’t pick up much of the wine barrel influence, though a bit of an old vinous note shows up late after the beer has warmed in the glass for a bit. A decent bit of plum fruitiness rests within the high level of wild tartness. The beer isn’t palate-wrecking, but does still retain a solid pucker. The beer has a soft, yet lightly crips carbonation to carry everything to a satisfying finish.


This is a wonderful beer — and completely unexpected from Green Flash. Natural Morta Plum isn’t packed with lush tropical fruit notes or resinous pine as I have come to expect from the brewery, but I’ll be damned if it’s not a good beer. Fruity, tart and refreshing, this is a beer of which I could certainly go for more.

Rating: 4.25/5

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