Feb 23, 2015

Lost Rhino Brewing Mother Tupper’s Back of the Cupboard

Mother Tupper’s Back of the Cupboard, brewed by Lost Rhino Brewing, was brewed in conjunction with pioneering beer duo, Bob & Ellie Tupper, makers of Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale. At 9.4% ABV and 94 IBU, this imperial rye pale ale celebrates the 94th birthday of Bob’s mother, Lolly Tupper.

Unlike the sweet demeanor of most grandmothers, this big brew packs a punch. Spicy rye and earthy hop notes are present throughout the experience while a backing malt base helps balance everything out. At 94 IBU, you can imagine that the brew has quite the hop bite — and it does, especially as that rye kicks in.


A frothy stack of off-white foam rests comfortably atop the rich, amber brew.

Lost Rhino Brewing Mother Tupper's Back of the Cupboard photo


Earthy rye, caramel, leafy hops and distant bready malts present a fairly tame aroma for anything labeled as “imperial.”


The nose may have been restrained, but the flavors are anything but that. A solid amount of rye and earthy hop notes arrive immediately as caramel, bread, a moderate-to-high level of sweetness and a palate-punching bitterness wash over the tongue effortlessly. Everything plays well with one another as the brew fades slowly to a warming and long-lasting finish.


The hop flavors are a bit on the subdued side for a pale ale, but Mother Tupper’s Back of the Cupboard certainly packs a good amount of bitterness into each sip. The spicy, earthy rye addition doesn’t hurt either. I don’t believe this beer is quite as dynamic as Tupper’s Hop Pocket, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rating: 3.75/5