Jul 8, 2015

Shmaltz Brewing Bock Bock

Shmaltz Brewing Company’s Bock Bock isn’t the first bourbon barrel-aged doppelbock that I’ve encountered. In fact, the best example of the style I’ve encountered thus far has been Karl Strauss’ 25th Anniversary release. That said, this 9.2% ABV offering is definitely a close second.

Much like many of Shmaltz’s other products there are a ton of malt varieties in this brew (10 to be exact) that drive a welcome richness and solid backbone. At 62 IBU there’s also a good bit of hop character her as well, but not enough to do much more than temper the sweetness, balancing everything out for the dominating bourbon influence.


Bock Bock pours with a small head of beige foam that drops fairly quickly to patchy surface cover above the slightly rusty, dark brown brew.

Shmaltz Brewing Bock Bock photo


Loads of bourbon barrel goodness — booze, woody notes and vanilla — fill the nose along with caramel, bread and a touch of cocoa.


Wow. There is a solid amount of bourbon from start to finish with Bock Bock. It’s stronger than most, but not so in-your-face as to miss the rich malt backbone and cocoa undertones. A moderate sweetness is balanced by a welcome bit of hop bite before both fade to a warming glow in the chest. Vanilla and woody notes linger gently in the background.


As cutesy as the label artwork is, this beer is no joke. A mouthful of rich malt and bourbon wash over the tongue with each swallow. I’d be curious if this one would mellow a touch with some cellaring under its belt. I suppose there’s only on way to find out — I’ve got to hunt down a few more bottles.

Rating: 4/5

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