Jan 21, 2016

Apocalypse Ale Works Wrath Of The Lamb

There are some beers that you will encounter or have already crossed that punch you in the face — whether it be a massive amount of hop bitterness or a cloying sweetness. Apocalypse Ale Works Wrath Of The Lamb does not mess around one bit. It’s a big imperial stout with an acrid char that is abrasive and confrontational as the brew glides over your tongue.

The word “robust” would be an understatement — this is an aggressive, snarling beer that takes some time to get used to and even then, it’s still a challenge. I’m all for an earthy, raw experience, but this 10.2% ABV stout is a bit too far over that edge for my liking. In fact, I’ve had Rauchbier’s with less of a char this this monster.

So why has this beer received the rating it sports? Cause it’s really not that bad of a beer, but the char will certainly be a polarizing trait for everyone that encounters it.

Beware the lamb.