Dec 29, 2016

BadWolf Strawbae Saison

BadWolf, the Manassas, VA brewery has only been releasing bottles of limited releases for a while now. Strawbae Saison is the first non-growler purchase I’ve made from the company since it has been in business. And just like every other beer I’ve had from the company, it too had the same aftertaste in the finish. It’s not an off-putting flavor, but it’s consistently there.

What is off-putting, however, is the flavor of burnt malt (or burnt something) hanging out with light strawberries and funk. The aroma on Strawbae Saison is pretty decent and actually doesn’t allude to the burnt character. Once the beer hits the lips, though, it’s another story all together. The strawberry on the nose is nearly missing from the flavor as grain and funk dominate with that lingering charred note. It’s a bit of a confused beer that really never comes together when all is said and done.

Every brewery has hits and misses in their releases — BadWolf is not alone in this phenomenon. Strawbae just happens to be a miss for me personally. Maybe the next bottle release will be a hit. Only time will tell.