Mar 15, 2016

Brewery Ommegang Rosetta

I’ll be honest, I was pretty damned disappointed in finding out that Brewery Ommegang didn’t actually brew this new year-round offering from the Cooperstown company. Rosetta, a 5.6% ABV kriek, is brewed by Liefmans, a sister company under Duvel Moortgat ownership. Having had many wonderful Liefmans products throughout the years, my disappoint didn’t last too long. In fact, it only took a single sip of this blended brew to turn that frown upside down.

Rosetta’s recipe actually comes from the mind of Ommegang brewmaster Phil Leinhart so this isn’t simply a company throwing their logo on a bottle of someone else’s brew. I’m sure that if the New York company had the facilities required, they would be able to craft an incredible example of the style. As it stands, Liefmans used their vast experience and translated that recipe for a “blend of old (aged on cherries at least three years) and young Flemish brown ale (or oud bruin) with a lively and fruity kriek.”

The result is a world-class brew with a welcome balance between earthy cherries, a solid tartness and a moderate level of sweetness. Rosetta is a wonderfully flavored addition to Ommegang’s annual offerings that I have a feeling will make frequent visits in my fridge and perhaps cellar. I’ve got plenty of Liefmans on hand — perhaps a side-by-side comparison is in order.