Aug 3, 2016

Brothers Brewing Good Adweiss

The hefeweisen is well documented on this site as a style with which I have had a love/hate relationship. It’s not one that I typically go out of my way to find, but it’s also one that continues to appear over and over in new reviews. Such is the case with Brothers Brewing Good Adweiss.

This is a beer that at 5% ABV is quite easy drinking, especially when you bring in the soft mouthfeel and light body — it disappears quickly from the glass. And that’s where the problem is. It just doesn’t offer much else — the beer is rather subtle in both aroma and flavor. Light wheat, soft yeast, hints of banana and a touch of lemony citrus are all in the mix, but at levels that are pretty low.

Then again, maybe that’s the direction the brewery was trying to go with this beer — just create an easy-drinking, thirst quencher. Well, if that’s the case, then they’ve done a nice job. Even as a hefeweisen, however, I’d still like to get a bit more flavor from Good Adweiss’ pale depths.