May 9, 2016

Heritage Brewing Revolution Oak Aged

Heritage Brewing’s Revolution is a beer that has become a staple growler fill whenever I pay a visit to the Manassas, VA company. The amber ale has a wonderful flavor with a smooth organic orange influence. In December of last year, I got a sneak peek at the growing barrel program the brewery had been quietly working on over the last year or so. Revolution Oak Aged is the second release from that new limited series of beers.

The base Revolution was put into Catoctin Creek’s Roundstone Rye whisky barrels for 14 months. That’s a damn long time and the barrel’s influence is certainly evident upon cracking the beer open. At 11% ABV, Revolution Oak Aged is not a small beer and as a result drinks quite hot. All of the base flavors and traits are present, but the rye whiskey tends to overshadow.

The notes for this review were taken in March, shortly after the bottles were released to the public. I’ve since had the beer more recently and the alcohol has mellowed a touch, making for a more enjoyable experience. This only gives me hope that everything will mellow and come together that much better with some more time in the cellar. Revolution Oak Aged, at the moment, still drinks too young. It just needs a bit more time to mature — and when it does, it’s going to be a standout brew.