Jan 4, 2016

Hertiage Brewing 2015 Barrel Aged Kings Mountain

For the initial release of Barrel Aged Kings Mountain back in Fall of 2014, Heritage Brewing went straight from barrel to bottle. It was an excellent brew that had a solid barrel influence. For the second release of this big 11% ABV brew, the company has not only given it a new and great looking label, but they’ve set up the release as a blend of three barrels — each having held the brew for different lengths of time.

The Catoctin Creek organic rye whiskey barrels add just the right amount of flavor to accentuate the already excellent base Scotch ale. The result of the blend is a much smoother drinking experience when compared to my notes from the original release. The wood, vanilla and rye whiskey arrive effortlessly with each and every sip for a surprisingly well-balanced character that has everything at just the right levels.

I’ve got another bottle of Barrel Aged Kings Mountain that I’ll try and patiently sit on for a year or so — perhaps until next year’s release. I tried to cellar some of the original bottles, but they never stood a chance. This new blend is even more enticing so its chances are even more slim, but I’ll do my best.

This is a review of a promotional sample.