Oct 5, 2016

Mikkeller Black

I originally had started off this review with the words, “I like big stouts,” but then Sir Mix-a-Lot started running through my head and well, it’s too early in the morning for that. That said, Mikkeller’s Black is a very big stout, weighing in at a hefty 16.7% ABV. It’s also a beer that reminds me heavily of Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon (3rd edition), especially once the beer hits the tongue.

Black is not a small beer in terms of flavor either. Big, roasty (almost smokey) malt dominates as coffee, cocoa, peat, anise and molasses all play a part before the wamring alcohol presence takes control. There is a measure of sweetness to the affair, but it’s not so much as to become cloying, instead it helps temper a moderate bitterness nicely.

While Black reminds me of Dark Horizon, there is also a resemblance to another Mikkeller product — their similarly named Black Hole. I don’t believe that these are the same beers as the flavors are a bit different, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this big stout is an evolution of the other. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed slowly sipping on this brew. I would love to snag another bottle or two and set them down for a long nap in the cellar — there’s a great deal of potential for aging with Black.