Mar 9, 2016

Ninkasi Brewing Sleigh’r

I’ve already had the opportunity to sample several of Ninkasi Brewing’s products since they started shipping to Virginia, but the inner metal-head in me was excitedly anticipating the arrival of just one. I don’t believe that Sleigh’r has been officially endorsed by the legendary metal band — uh, Slayer if you hadn’t figured it out — and frankly I don’t care. I started head-banging mentally the moment I saw it on the shelf.

This double alt style brew may not be as aggressive as it’s possible namesake, but its rich, malty backbone hit the spot nicely on a cold January night (the day only hit 32 degrees) earlier this year. The 7.2% ABV certainly doesn’t hurt either. This Winter seasonal also isn’t as flashy, forgoing dive-bombing guitar solos for a fairly straightforward presentation with an excellent flavor.

Sleigh’r is a darn tasty beer that I’m hoping will continue to make a touring stop in my fridge each cold weather season in the future. Ninkasi have themselves a treat of a beer with this one.