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Old Bust Head Chocolate Chili Gold Cup


Despite sitting just a quick 20 minute drive from Barley Blog HQ, I usually only frequent Old Bust Head Brewing once a month — and usually just to grab a growler fill while running errands. That said, when the brewery has a keg of their Chocolate Chili Gold Cup tapped, that frequency goes up almost as quickly as I can empty the growler. Gold Cup, their Russian imperial stout, is a solid stout, featuring everything you could want in the style, but this chocolate and chipotle pepper variant is simply outstanding.

This limited 10% ABV stout is wonderfully roasty as a stout should be, but also has a mellow chocolate sweetness and soft, lingering peppery heat. It’s also the best beer from this Fauquier County brewery that I’ve had thus far. It’s approachable, goes down dangerously well and will continue to make appearances in my beer cooler as long as they keep making it — and as long as I notice the announcement of its tapping.


The brew pours coal black and opaque with a dense head of light brown foam. It certainly looks the part.

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