Jul 20, 2016

Paix Dieu Triple

The story that accompanies this 10% ABV Belgian tripel — yes, this one is actually brewed in Belgium — is short, but pretty interesting.

This beer was once produced at the Abbey of Paix Dieu, where the lunar calendar played a central role. In keeping with the spirit of the Abbey, the Brasserie maintains the tradition of brewing only when the moon is full.

So, every full moon the brewery presumably brews a batch of Paix Dieu. Unfortunately for this brew, the story is almost more interesting than the beer itself. Now, that’s not to say this is a bad beer. It really isn’t, but there are some traits that don’t quite stroke that romantic chord for me that I think the company had hoped it would.First, the tripel is quite flowery, almost perfumey. A touch of floral fruitiness would have been fine, but here, it’s just too much for my personal liking. The combination of spices mixed with the higher alcohol content also presents a bit of a medicinal character that lingers in the warming finish.

All in all, Paix Dieu as a concept is cool. As a beer it’s okay. I’d personally like to see a bit less floral quality, maybe a bit more yeast. As an experience overall, I can’t complain as the beer did provide some unique traits not normally found in your traditional tripel — and if you’re looking for something different, you may want to check this one out.