Apr 5, 2016

Starr Hill Daily Grind

Daily Grind is the latest addition to Starr Hill’s Heavy Rotation Series of brews. This 6.2% ABV saison-style brew is created with addition of Szechuan, black and white peppercorns in the recipe. I was lucky enough to not only get a couple of samples from the brewery, but also handed a beautiful day with which to enjoy the brew.

I would have lead this review with something referring to the recent uptick in Spring-like weather and how this brew would be a great way to kick off the season, but right now the wind-chill is in the 20s in Virginia. That’s not really saison drinking weather. The warm weather will return, of course, but the intermittent snow flurries outside are putting a damper on a tasty saison.

In the end, Daily Grind is a decent brew with good saison flavor. It’s a bit on the slick side for my own personal preferences — I like a bit more crispness and a bit lighter body. As a limited, quarterly release, the beer certainly provides a nice distraction from the standard brews that are in the market.

This is a review of a promotional sample.