Apr 28, 2016

Three Notch’d No Veto

Yesterday, I published a review for Bloody Roots, a collaborative release involving Three Notch’d Brewing. That imperial brown ale was anything but traditional. Today, we take a look at the type of beer that the company really excels at producing. No Veto is a straightforward, classic English-style brown ale that hits the marks on everything I personally look forward to in the style.

I don’t often pull out a brown ale, but when the mood hits, I typically reach for Legend’s flagship offering. After cracking open this 5% and 30 IBU example of the style from Three Notch’d my go-to brown ale will certainly have competition going forward. Nutty and earthy with a welcome blend of coffee, caramel and chocolate, No Veto is an incredibly well-rounded beer that I could sit down with for a good long while.

Three Notch’d has produced some solid offerings recently. Just about everyone that I have opened up have been damn tasty, but this brown ale may very well be the best I’ve had from them thus far. I’ll certainly be on the look out for No Veto in the future.