Mar 3, 2017

2008 Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

I started The Barley Blog in December of 2006 and a short time after started cellaring beer as was the popular thing to do — I still cellar, but not as fervently as I once did. One of the beers that I started squirreling away right from the start was Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout. This was back when you could buy any available beer without having to wait in line for a single bottle (ah the glory days). As a huge fan of the style and with the size (18% ABV) of this particular imperial stout, it was an easy decision and a nearly full-proof specimen for aging.

Some time ago, I drank my last bottle of the 2007 release of World Wide Stout and immediately decided that, upon the website’s tenth anniversary, I would celebrate with my oldest bottle at the time. With a printed date of 11/14/08, this particular bottle of Dogfish Head’s big stout was a struggle to avoid through the years. But, on December 11th of last year, the time had come and the bottle was not-so-unceremoniously opened that cold afternoon.

The wait to finally crack open one of the oldest bottles in my meager collection was well worth it. This big beer put on a dynamic display of rich chocolates, dark fruits, molasses and a touch of anise. I was surprised to find that there wasn’t any sign of oxidation as I’ve encountered younger stouts with that cardboard-y flavor — but not here. The beer has held up wonderfully and more than suited the celebratory occasion.

Will this small website make it another ten years? What will the craft (nay, micro-) brewed landscape look like then? All I know is that when/if the time comes, I may very well have to crack open my last bottle from that same year. Now that would be a momentous event and I have no doubts the beer will still prove the right one for 2026.