Aug 10, 2017

Cigar City Divine Blasphemer

I’m both a big fan of Municipal Waste’s brand of high-intensity “party” thrash, as well as, the quality brews that Cigar City puts out. So it only makes sense that I would like their collaborative effort, Divine Blasphemer, a 6.6% ABV (29 IBU) smoked porter. Well, on paper it makes sense, but once this nearly opaque brew makes its way to my taste receptors, there’s very little head banging going on. In fact, the porter is one of the more approachable smoked beers I’ve had in a while — so much so that I can envision the band sitting by a large fireplace donning smoking jackets and ascots more so torn denim jackets and bandanas.

So, that lead-in makes it sound like I don’t like Divine Blasphemer, but, in truth, I like it quite a good bit. It’s lightly acrid char pleases the senses while hints of cocoa, tobacco and coffee linger nicely after each sip. I suppose I was anticipating something a bit more aggressive or confrontational instead of this polite and refined example of a smoked porter. The brew is almost subdued in comparison to my expectations.

I, personally, really wanted Divine Blasphemer to be a bit more assertive in its flavor profile. Everything works well together and is nicely balanced, but I would have liked a little more oomph in the mix — something a bit meatier like a Rauchbier or overly hopped to really polarize opinions. As it stands the smoked porter is still pretty darn tasty and should reach a wider audience with its more accessible presentation.