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Epic Brewing Oak and Orchard Syrah


Epic Brewing’s Oak and Orchard series, thus far, has impressed mightily. The version aged in Pinot barrels was a well rounded experience with a good amount of sour tartness. This particular brew features not just a different barrel in which it was aged, but also a smooth blend of blueberry, boisenberry and black current. The result is a beer that still has a good bit of sour tartness and a flavor that is much different than it’s barrel-aged sibling.

The Syrah barrel aged Oak and Orchard has a stronger berry presence in both the nose and flavor as the tartness peaks softly. The berry flavors combine into a welcome blend of fruitiness that prevents you from identifying each one individually. The tartness crests cleanly before eventually making its way to a long lasting finish as the effervescent mouthfeel tingles lightly. Old wood and vinous notes are present, as well, coming out a bit more as the beer warms in the glass.

Both of the bottles of Oak and Orchard created similar though differing experiences — both quite enjoyable, as well. This Syrah barrel-aged beer provided a fairly approachable level of sour tartness that balanced well with a berry fruitiness. This light bodied and refreshing beer hit the spot nicely.


The color on this beer is amazing — the photos don't do it any justice. It sits a vibrant, gleaming purplish red in color with a quickly falling cap of rocky, pinkish purple head.

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