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Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Salt & Pepper Tripel


I’ve had a few Belgian-style ales (mostly saisons) that have been brewed with a variety of peppercorn. In the case of Flying Dog’s latest beer in their Brewhouse Rarities series not only uses pepper, but also pink Himalayan sea salt. This makes this the first Belgian-style Tripel I’ve ever encountered with the ingredient. To be clear, the salt’s presence is not at a gose-like level.

Salt & Pepper Tripel is right in line with the other releases in this line of beers — it’s fun and provides something you typically run across in your standard beer purchase. It’s also a beer that doesn’t over do it with the specialty ingredients. The salt’s presence is measured and provides just the right amount of twist to the beer’s character, allowing the yeast, lemony citrus, peppery tingle and grain to shince through at the appropriate levels.

As stated above, Salte & Pepper Tripel isn’t the craziest, off-the-wall beer that Flying Dog has released in their Brewhouse Rarities, but it does provide just enough of a twist to raise an eyebrow. The salinity adds a tell-tale flavor while the peppercorn tingles the tongue and nose gently. This ins’t your typical Belgian-style tripel so if you’re in the mood for something a little different, this is the beer for you.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


Salt & Pepper Tripel pours a crystal clear, golden straw in color with plenty of bubble activity. A dense cap of pillow white foam shows solid staying power throughout the drinking experience.

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