Sep 13, 2017

Flying Dog Peach Cobbler Ale

Usually, when I approach a beer with a dessert-like name — Peach Cobbler Ale, for instance — a bit of anxiety starts to rise, especially if a list of spices adorns the beer’s label. History has helped enforce this mental reaction, as many beers in this realm come across like potpourri and sugar. Thankfully, Flying Dog’s latest Brewhouse Rarity is neither cloyingly sweet or reminiscent of walking into my folks’ place.

This 5.9% ABV (20 IBU) pale ale uses just the right amount of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and vanilla bean to accompany an earthy peach fruitiness. Now, this beer certainly has the ingredients to remind you of peach cobbler, but it does lack that measured sweetness to fully send you spiraling into a swirl of childhood memories — visions of crumbling crust, gooey peaches and melting vanilla ice cream dancing around your foggy skull. Everything here is artfully balanced to present an easy-drinking and full-flavored experience. The spices step back, allowing the fruit to shine through as bread and caramel also join in on the fun.

Flying Dog’s Peach Cobbler Ale is a fun, tasty brew that doesn’t present itself like an over-the-top dessert beer. Everything is presented in a measured, balanced fashion so as to allow all aspects of the flavor and aroma to work together cleanly. The brew’s refreshing crispness also make this beer a good one for sipping on in a late (and thankfully warm) September afternoon.

This is a review of a promotional sample.