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Flying Dog Sunflower Pilsner


The latest Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities is a 5.2% ABV (35 IBU) pilsner brewed with sunflower petals. Proposed by sales team members Zach and Carl, Sunflower Pilsner is one heck of refreshing example of the style. This little brew was the perfect treat for one of the more cool and comfortable July afternoons that was come around in recent memory.

Unless you’ve actually eaten or tasted sunflower petals, you’ll probably be hard-pressed to pick out that specific ingredient. And that doesn’t really matter. The brew is packed with those tell-tale pilsner flavors — grain, crackers, bread, a hint of honey and soft hop notes. It’s a lively and refreshing brew with a well-rounded flavor. There’s a touch of an earthiness to Sunflower Pilsner and maybe a hint of a floral trait later after everything fades.

The thirst-quenching nature and relatively lower ABV, Sunflower Pilsner is damn near crushable. Had the weather been warmer than it was on the day I cracked this open, it may have disappeared in record time. Toss this pilsner in a can and you’ve got a dangerously near-perfect lawnmower beer — it’s most likely that sunflower petal inclusion that creates an association to yard work.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


Sunflower Pilsner pours a clear, golden amber in color with a small cap of dense, white foam. It's a damn good looking brew.

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