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Lickinghole Creek Blueberry Obsession Imperial Stout


Huh, what do you know? I could have sworn I had reviewed a stout brewed with blueberries prior to opening this bottle of Lickinghole Creek’s Blueberry Obsession. Apparently, I haven’t. The closest I’ve come to reviewing something similar to this imperial stout is Shipyard’s Smashed Blueberry. This particular big stout is packed with blueberries and chocolate — and alcohol warmth.

At 11.5% ABV, Blueberry Obsession is no small beer and is pretty much on par with most other imperial stouts. The only problem here is that the alcohol presence is pretty dang hot from start to finish. It could certainly use some time to mellow. Aside from that, the brew is packed with fresh blueberries, cocoa and a rustic grain character that helps temper the jammy fruit. It is warming, as stated above, and finishes with a light dryness.

I really liked this beer as a cold-weather sipper (I originally took these notes back in late February), but it certainly needs some time for the alcohol to settle down. It’s a big, boozy imperial stout that needs a bit more cellaring for everything to fully come together and subdue that alcohol heat a touch. Blueberry Obsession does have a welcome earthy character that I particular enjoyed.


Well, had I poured this one blindfolded, I would have presumed it was blue in color — the wall of blueberry aroma hits you head-on immediately upon opening. Thankfully, it looks like your traditional imperial stout: opaque black in color with a cap of rich mocha foam.

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