Mar 31, 2017

Lonerider Deadeye Jack

I’m a sucker for a good porter. The roastiness, rich malt and — hopefully — easy drinking nature are all right in my flavor wheelhouse. There’s just something about an easy drinking, dark beer without the full-body or sweetness of a stout that I can drink any time of day or year. Lonerider’s Deadeye Jack is just such a beer.

This award winning porter (6% ABV) is part of the brewery’s seasonal rotation which, unfortunately, means it’s not available year round. That’s fine, though. It gives me something to look forward to next fall — smooth roast coffee, rich malt, a touch of chocolate, hint of cigar and an equal, balancing measure of soft hop bitterness. Deadeye Jack and its easy drinking, measured character treated me just right on a cold mid-December afternoon last year.

I love porters like Deadeye Jack. Its solid roast base and light robust character has been kept in check comfortably with just enough of a hop bite. This is one of those beers that I would love to have year-round. It’s not a barrel-aged white whale by any means, but man, it’s still a damn fine porter.