Sep 25, 2017

Modern Times Tetra City

Modern Times Orderville served as a great introduction to the San Diego brewery and started a friendly association with the company. Tetra City, a 8.7% ABV DIPA, not only continues that relationship, but firmly sets it in the “besties” realm. This is the type of beer that I can certainly get behind as it delivers all the flavors and personality that I personally look for in a double IPA.

Tetra City delivers a solid amount of fruitiness with a healthy amount of resinous pine as a hint of cattiness lingers at the periphery in both the nose and the full flavor. With a DIPA, I don’t just want a hop bomb — it’s necessary to also produce a good bit of bready malt and a touch of sweetness to counter balance that moderately biting hop bitterness. And Tetra City does a nice job of keeping everything balanced well. A crisp mouthfeel carries everything to the warming and lasting finish.

So far, Modern Times is two for two in my book. Both beers that I have had from them, I have thoroughly enjoyed. Tetra City is a big, hoppy double IPA that packs in a solid amount of hop-forward flavors with just enough of a malt backbone to keep everything in check and pretty well balanced. I’ll now keep an eye open for anything else this company releases in the future and can’t wait to restock the fridge with this big DIPA.