Jun 26, 2017

Oskar Blues Barred Aged Ten Fiddy

I nearly lost my mind when Oskar Blues Brewing announced a bourbon barrel aged version of their Ten Fiddy last year. I’m a big fan of that big brew. It’s the best stout, hands down, you can find in a can. Thick, viscous and full-flavored the brew has hit the spot wonderfully throughout the years. And yet, when this barrel-aged variant of the stout came through my area, I disappointingly missed out on it.

It wasn’t until my recent trip to North Carolina that I crossed paths with a couple of cans of Barrel-Aged Ten Fiddy that shop’s proprietor just happened to find back in his storeroom. Victory was finally mine. My only regret, in hindsight, is that I didn’t buy all of the cans the store has remaining. This beer is excellent.

The brewery has done a masterful job incorporated flavors of old wood, bourbon and vanilla into a base beer that was already damn good in its own right. It’s nice to see that the barrel influence doesn’t overwhelm the core flavors, instead blending in nicely for a well rounded drinking experience. The one problem I’ve found with barrel-aged imperial stouts — a thinner than expected mouthfeel — does not exist here. This version of Ten Fiddy is every bit as full-bodied as the original.

As stated above, my only regret with this big stout was in not purchasing the remaining cans that were still available. Oskar Blues have taken on eof my favorite stouts and crafted a version that is every bit as good, if not better than the original. I love that everything comes together nicely, no one element overwhelming the rest. Outstanding!