May 11, 2017

Port City Colossal 6

Like many breweries, Port City Brewing releases a different anniversary beer in celebration of each year in business. For each of their first six (and counting) anniversaries smoked porters, heller bocks, quads and old ales have all made appearances previously, but for the sixth iteration of Colossal, the company has unleashed a massive Russian imperial stout. Colossal 6 weighs in at 10.2% and is packed with all of the typical traits and a little something extra.

This big stout may pour an inky, opaque black and carry scents of roast coffee, earth and cocoa, but it’s an underlying burst of a lively fruitiness that truly surprises. That fruitiness is most likely from the hop blend used within the dark brew and reminds me a bit of Goose Island’s Night Stalker. That surprise within Colossal 6’s abyssal depths is fairly atypical of a big stout dominated by dark coffee, cocoa, anise and a solid earthiness. A moderate sweetness lingers long into the drying, warming finish.

Colossal 6 is a solid Russian imperial stout. It’s got an excellent flavor and an eye-opening fruitiness that delights. I would have liked a tad more fullness on the palate, but that’s me being picky. That aside, this celebratory beer is darn tasty fresh, but is also a beer that should cellar nicely, developing through the years if you are able to withstand the temptation.