Oct 31, 2017

Powers Brewing Bourbon Barrel Aged Achilles Yarrow Porter

I’ve visited Powers Farm & Brewery on several occasions since my initial outing back in June, but this is the first time I’ve had a growler (picked up my Mrs. Barley Blog) to enjoy back at headquarters. I don’t think I’ve had a product from the new brewery that hasn’t impressed and Bourbon Barrel Aged Achilles Yarrow Porter is no different. The fairly small (5% ABV) oat porter is brewed with yarrow grown on premises before heading into a brief respite in the barrel.

The yarrow, historically used in ancient brewing activities provides a rather unique impression on the overall experience. It’s floral and herbal, but not like any other ingredient I’ve really encountered in beers past. Add in a mellow (if not subtle) bourbon barrel influence to accompany a smooth roast, grain and cocoa notes and you’ve got yourself an outstanding little brew.

It’s not often you run across any type of barrel-aged beer and it not be more potent than Bourbon Barrel Aged Achilles Yarrow Porter. I love the fact that this one weighs in at 5% ABV — it makes for an easy drinking beer that you can sit down with for a good long while. The use of yarrow is inventive and a nice change of pace, as well.