Apr 14, 2017

Schlafly Coconut Crème Ale

Let’s get this right out in the open, shall we. Schlafly’s Coconut Crème Ale was doomed right from the start — for my own personal tastes, that is. You see, I’m not a fan of coconut and the wheat ale isn’t my favorite style of beer, but with two strikes against it, this 5.5% ABV brew still satiated my need for thirst-quenching relief. And I’m sure that this brew will appear on many an outdoor deck this Spring/Summer, just not on mine.

Coconut Crème Ale brings in flavors that just don’t seem to work for me personally. While coconut is one of my least favorite additions to beer, there are instances where it works truly wonderfully — see Maui Brewing CoCoNut Porter for instance. The fresh coconut, toasted coconut and wheat flavors just don’t work together in the way the should. The addition of a little lemony citrus only seems to confuse my tastebuds further as the light bodied beer wraps everything up in a lasting finish.

I really wanted to like this beer. Branching out as a beer drinker is important to me. Hell, as much as I don’t like Hefeweizens, I sure do review a ton of them for this site, all in an effort to find the right one for me. I’m sure there will be folks raving about Coconut Crème Ale and I wish them all the best in their enjoyment of this refreshingly crisp beer. I’ll happily give you my bottle for that Grapefruit IPA you’re holding there.

This is a review of a promotional sample.