Aug 24, 2017

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp White IPA with Yuzu

Both Sierra Nevada and Hitachino Nest have crafted some excellent beers through the years — both companies sport some of my favorite products. You can imagine my excitement to find that the two joined forces for one of the 2017 Beer Camp releases in the form of this white IPA. At 7% ABV, the IPA isn’t your standard wheat-based take on teh style. The breweries have taken it a step beyond with the inclusion of yuzu, a small Asian citrus fruit.

The addition of this fruit takes the citrusy notes of the hop blend to the stratosphere with a solid amount of lime notes and a gentle tartness that also goes quite well with the wheat backbone. Toss in a hint of distant spices and a fairly crisp mouthfeel and this white IPA hits all the marks required for a refreshing and satisfying experience. The citrusy zing found throughout the beer is really the one thing that kept me coming back for more as I’m not typically a huge fan of white IPAs.

Had this collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Hitachino Nest been much lower in alcohol, it probably would have made for the best Summer-time thirst quencher I’ve come across in a very long time. The lively, citrusy flavor (and that gentle tartness) satisfies wonderfully, re-invigorating the body after a long day hiking or working outdoors on a hot afternoon. I would love to see this one released again in that smaller package.