Aug 30, 2017

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Hoppy Belgian Golden

I’m a big fan of both Sierra Nevada and Duvel Moortgat (the makers of some incredibly amazing Belgian ales). Both companies are legendary in their own right and I’d be an idiot not to bee excited about this Belgian-Style golden ale the minute I saw it the Beer Camp mixed box. Right?

If you answered in the affirmative, you’re correct. This dry-hopped 8% ABV Belgian-style ale is a lovely and refreshing brew. It’s got an excellent flavor as peppery yeast, lemon zest and fruity hops wash over the palate briskly. The crisp mouthfeel only adds to the re-invigorating character of the lively ale. It’s not overly hop-forward as the 35 IBU don’t wreck the experience, allowing the yeast to shine nicely.

I thoroughly enjoyed this collaboration between Sierran Nevada and Duvel Moortgat — they’ve taken their respective areas of expertise and married them beautifully. It was the most refreshing bottle in the Beer Camp package and aside from the unique barleywine, it was my favorite of the bunch. I’d love to see this one released on a regular schedule.